Are you planning your holiday to Northern Norway?

The northern part of Norway stretches from the southern part of Helgeland to Svalbard in the far north and Kirkenes in the east. You might already know it, but this long stretch of Norway has great variation in landscapes and vegetation. Have you heard that the summer nights are light like the day? Yes, we have daylight 24/7 during the summer. In the wintertime, the aurora borealis – the northern lights, is our very special guest for you to enjoy

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2015-12-1609:17 Nina

Archipelago, nature phenomenons like grottos, glaciers and a tidal current. High mountains and deep fjords with picturesque fishing villages. Whale, eagle and bird cliffs. Hiking paradise and the Paris of the north, Tromsø. The end of the world – the North Cape, and a borderline towards our big brother in the east, Russia. Northern Norway is the place to explore!

For more inspiration, please have a look at our Holiday Guide Northern Norway here.

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